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  • Image of Fire Tech

Specialist Coatings

Intumescent and specialist coatings to structural steelwork that can achieve up to 120 minutes of fire protection to both structural and timber framing.

The Building Regulations require certain elements of structure to have fire resistance for a specified minimum period of time. The amount of fire protection required to achieve this depends on the type of protection used.

  • Image of Fire Tech
  • Image of Fire Tech

Specialist Fire Board Systems

Non-combustible mineral bound lightweight and Gypsum based boarding to achieve up to 240 minutes of fire protection. When selecting a particular board system, consideration must be given to both the atmospheric and working environments to which the boards will be subjected. For example, humidity, partial exposure to the elements or the risk of physical damage.

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  • Image of Fire Tech

Fire Stopping to Service Voids / Penetrations

Specialist intumescent and fire stopping materials which form fire, smoke, gas and air seals. The penetration sealing system, fire stopping or gap sealing is required to reinstate the original fire resistance in terms of integrity and insulation.

This provides up to 4 hours of fire resistance.

  • Image of Fire Tech
  • Image of Fire Tech

Partition Walling Systems

Compartment walling to sub-divide buildings and form fire protected escape routes and areas.

Fire resisting walls used for partitioning buildings and enclosing compartments are required to provide a barrier to the passage of fire from one side or the other, providing up to 4 hours of fire resistance.

  • Image of Fire Tech
  • Image of Fire Tech

Fire Barriers

Fire, thermal and acoustic barriers in open voids and roof spaces.

A cavity barrier is a construction provided to close a concealed space against the penetration of smoke and flames, or to restrict the movement of smoke and flames within such a space. This forms fire and smoke barriers to achieve up to 120 minutes compartmentation.

  • Image of Fire Tech
  • Image of Fire Tech

Insulation and Air Sealing

Fire, thermal and acoustic insulation panel systems to walling and soffit areas. As part of the sustainable requirements for new buildings, air sealing or air tightness testing not only aids the energy efficiency of a building but also assists in the operation of the building's heating and ventilation systems.

We use a range of insulation products that will provide the relevant seal between the internal and external perimeters of the building.

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